Hello! I`m Natsumi. I am an importer of Japanese products for Netherlands.

I`m originally from Kyoto, Japan which is a historical and old city (Kyoto used to be a capital of Japan before Tokyo.)

I was living in overseas countries for long.

 I`ve seen Japan from outside the country and I appreciated Japanese foods,

japanese traditional crafts which have been taken over and over from the ancient.

In addition, since I met my Dutch partner, I started to show him more of my country.

We visited a lot of places of japan and I realised new things more such as how much Japanese manufacturing is wonderful and beautiful.

Each city has unique and special products which are brought by nature and weather,

people from the ancient era and also because of its history.

and still there are a lot of places where I have never been to. ( Japan is really big, actually!)

There must be more things that I haven`t seen yet and Im excited to discovering japanse creations more and more!

Simple  Unique  Timeless  Beautiful

I would like to introduce our selection of `Made in Japan products’ which are high quality so long lasting, simple but unique, timeless because it`s just beautiful!


Most of our selections are created with traditional ways by artisans with experienced craftsmanship.

Professional Handmade/Handcrafted is so special because it`s so detailed and sustainable since it is strong

Of millions of products in the world, only skilful and trustable works will be able to remain such as Arita porcelain and Hasami porcelain.

Arita and Hasami porcelain has proven itself by being able to interest and amaze their customers time after time….after time, with new designs of their strong and unique products during 400 years of existence.



Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Hope you can find something special from our selection!